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Gel insoles are silicone insoles which evenly distributes the pressure, absorbs shock, and provides pleasant relief for ligaments and joints when walking.With these soles you can forget the numb, aching pain of poorly fitting shoes and strenuous hours of walking, as Gel insoles cushions and comforts your feet all day long. There are many benefits to GlobalWellness Gel Insoles. A huge benefit which makes Gel Ultra so special, is the anatomical shape. These insoles have been carefully designed to comfort and compliment the unique shape of the foot, meaning extreme comfort and relief all day long. As well as being cushioned in all the right places, these insoles support and provide relief to ligaments and joints which are often put under pressure when under the constant strain of being on your feet all day.They are highly Durable Insoles with long lasting superior quality.Evenly distributes pressure on foot for comfort.Silicone feel for comfort and 'air like walking experience.